Let Me Hear from You

Friday I’m supposed to talk about “Obama and Younger Evangelicals” on a radio program. I need your help.

If you are a college student or college-aged (18-29ish), please let me know your thoughts on any of the following:

-Why do you think many young evangelicals voted for Obama? (I’m especially interested if you did.)

-Why are young evangelicals willing to overlook some serious Christian social or moral issues to vote for Obama? (Including the big ones like abortion and same-sex marriage.)

-How big of a factor do you think race was in the election? Was it the deciding factor, or only one of many?

-What positives could an Obama administration provide for young evangelicals? (Such as health care, bringing troops home from the Middle East, economy, jobs, education, racial issues.)

-What concerns should Christians (of all ages) have about Obama’s popularity among young evangelicals (if any)?

-What practical steps can people take to support our new president while standing strong on Christian convictions?

You can email your comments via this blog, via facebook, email me, or even text me via email (if it’s short).

Thanks for your help on this. I intend to post a follow up after the Friday morning interview (details here).

DILLON BURROUGHS is a writer on issues of spirituality.
He also serves as a social justice advocate for World Vision.
Dillon lives with his wife, Debbie, and three children in Tennessee.


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