Generation Hex on American Family Radio TODAY

11:30a.m. EST I’m scheduled for a last-minute interview on Christians and Halloween on American Family Radio. Tune in online at or listen to your local station. Thanks!

About American Family Radio:

American Family Radio has over 200 stations & 19 affiliates in 34 states and Canada. It is owned and operated by the American Family Association with Don Wildmon as President & Founder. Today’s Issues is a live call-in program aired each weekday at 10 am. central which deals with the moral, social, and political issues of the day. Today’s Issues approaches these issues from a perspective of biblical, traditional, conservative values. Usually, each Today’s Issues program features an interview with a guest. In the past this list has included well-known authors, political figures and nationally known ministers. The program is hosted by American Family Association Vice-President and author, Tim Wildmon, and the General Manager of American Family Radio, Marvin Sanders. TI is produced by Cindy Barnett and engineered by JJ Jasper.


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