Dillon Burroughs and Matt Mitchell on FamilyNet TV

For Immediate Release:

Dillon Burroughs (coauthor of Generation Hex) and Matt Mitchell (director of Pray and Pray 2) will be interviewed on FamilyNet TV (www.familynet.com) Tuesday, October 14th, on the topic of Positive Christian Responses to Halloween.

Second only to Christmas in holiday spending, Halloween now dominates the culture’s attention through films, costumes, books, and more. But how can Christians respond to a night often associated with a dark message?

“Halloween is historically and culturally a dark night that celebrates ideas inconsistent with the Christian faith,” says Burroughs. “However, we are called to make the most of every opportunity, including Halloween. We have a unique night in which many are likely to stop by our homes or attend an event. It is a perfect time to build new friendships to share the light of Jesus.”

Churches offering children’s events, candy with Christian messages attached, and “trunk or treat” alternatives are only a few of the many ways people are responding to communicate Christ during Halloween.

One unique alternative is Matt Mitchell’s latest film Pray 2: The Woods (praythemovie.com). Shown in select theaters and now available on DVD, this Cross Shadow Productions motion picture provides a Dove-approved, PG-rated alternative to the graphic content often highlighted during the Halloween Season.

“Ultimately, it’s about pointing people of all backgrounds toward the light of Jesus,” shares Burroughs. For more information, see www.readdB.com or www.praythemovie.com.


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