GENERATION HEX Continues to Touch Lives

Recent readers have shared their thoughts on Generation Hex. Here are a few of their comments:

“In serious desperation, I picked up a copy of your book this past weekend. I was happy to get it, as it was the only copy of its kind on the shelf. Words cannot express how much it has helped me, and I want to sincerely thank you both… I want to commend you for talking about this subject and encourage you to do more. I’d love to see another book about people who have come out of the craft… Bless you for having the love and courage to write the book Generation Hex.”
-former witchcraft practitioner, California

“I want you both to know that I loved the book. It was great to get the sense of compassion in your hearts for ALL of God’s children!”

Generation Hex also continues to receive significant news coverage. Recent mentions include The Dallas Morning News religion blog, The Christian Post, Prime Time America (Moody), Not Just Talking the Talk (mainstream radio),, and more to come as Halloween approaches.

Currently approximately 60 media outlets (not including bloggers) have interviewed Marla and I about Generation Hex. It has been an overwhelming response to a topic many publishers have been hesitant to touch.

I’m extremely thankful for the team at Harvest House supporting this project from the start and helping us provide awareness of Wicca’s growth and encouragement in showing Christ’s love to Wiccans in the lives of many.

As you walk through the candy-filled aisles at your local stores this October, please remember that the Halloween Season is not about candy and costumes; it is an opportunity to point people toward the light of Jesus on a dark night.


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