Chat Transcripts for Generation Hex Interview with

We’ve had some requests for the transcript of the chat interview we did last week. I’ve included the link below for the full 17-page pdf at Abunga’s website. This is an excellent, family-friendly book retailer I highly recommend (Of course, it helps that they made me one of their featured author’s this week. Thanks, Abunga!).

Thanks again for all of you who have encouraged Marla and I on Generation Hex in recent weeks. And if you’re reading this and haven’t had a chance to share your feedback on the book, please email me at I appreciate it!

Film and TV News…
In other news, the film The Imposter I appeared in starring Grammy-award winning Kevin Max (of DC Talk) will be released in theaters in Texas next month! If you live in the area, please check it out.

In addition, Matt Mitchell’s latest film Pray 2: The Woods held its premiere release in Raleigh, NC last weekend to much acclaim. I mention this for two reasons: 1) I love his style of Christian filmmaking, and 2) I helped write the film’s study guide. The DVD releases today. You can order a copy at, my favorite Christian film website.

Plus, if you haven’t heard about the film Fireproof (by the Facing the Giants guys), you have to see it. It comes out this weekend nationwide. I viewed an early edition of it this summer and highly recommend it.


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