A Reader Who Gets It

When I write on controversial issues, I expect to receive notes from people who disagree. What I don’t expect are people who write to encourage me. The following note from one of my readers was such a help that I wanted to post it here as well. Deena’s words specifically express my goal in all of my books. It was a treasure to have her write them, as I have never even met her before.


I’ve read several of your books, and the one thing that strikes me in ALL of them is your love and compassion for people, especially those who don’t know Jesus Christ as Savior yet. I’m so impressed with your writing, and I am always eager to read and tour a book with your name on it, because I know it will encourage me as a believer to be what Jesus wants me to be….”It’s Your kindness that leads us to repentance, O Lord”.

Thanks for your interview responses. I can’t wait to begin the tour with you and Marla! Many of God’s richest blessings for You, my brother. May He anoint the work of your hands as you labor for Him.

Who can you encourage in a similar way today?


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