What Is America’s Fastest-Growing Religion?

Christianity? Islam? According to the New York Times, the answer is Wicca. By percentage, Wicca, America’s most popular form of witchcraft, is the fastest growing religion in the country. By 2012, it is on pace to become America’s third-largest religion, following Christianity and Judaism.

But what is Wicca? Why is it growing? What do Wiccans do? That’s what Generation Hex is all about. My coauthor and I interviewed over 20 people involved in Wicca for a unique look on what they believe, practice, and their attraction to the Craft.

For Christians, we’ve also provided helpful charts to compare and contrast the two spiritual movements, along with insider advice from Wiccans on how to discuss faith in a way that makes sense.

Do you know someone involved in witchcraft? Curious about it yourself? Read a free chapter online now. You can also pre-order the book now before the 8.8.08 release date.

You can even still get in on a free copy of Generation Hex by joining the blog tour (see previous post).


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