More Than I Bargained For

In the 23 days since my last post, more has happened that I could ever highlight in one quick note. Instead, let me simply share what God has been up to in my life recently to offer a glimpse
at the magnitude of recent events:

My four-book small group series The Contenders Series (with John Ankerberg) is now shipping nationwide, complete with related web content at (available soon).

I interviewed on Moody Radio’s Prime Time America yesterday regarding What’s the Big Deal about Other Religions? that broadcast live to over 250 stations. If you haven’t picked up copy, check it out.

Generation Hex (with Marla Alupoaicei) hits bookshelves 8/8/08. Why? Is it because 8 is the number of people who were on Noah’s Ark? Is is because there are 8 lunar months in the year? Or is it becuase Jewish males were circumcised on the eighth day? Answer: none of the above. It’s just a cool date that leads into the Halloween season. Pre-order a copy or ten right now at Amazon (Plus, it has a sweet cover hand-picked by my lovely wife!).

Completed editing on The Truth about Islam and Women with John Ankerberg and Emir Caner. This book will be highly controversial and packed with details regarding the comparisons between Islam’s view of women and how the Bible defines true womanhood (January 2009, Harvest House).

Did you know that John Ankerberg‘s Facts On Series has sold over 2 million copies in English and has been translated into over a dozen languages? Now revised and updated, The Facts on Halloween, The Facts on Islam, and The Facts on Jehovah’s Witnesses are returning to bookstores beginning in mid-August.

I also finished several new radio scripts for the Ankerberg Minute. I’m also nearing completion of a pilot for LIFEwords Radio, a daily 60-second commentary targeting the next generation with today’s issues from a biblical perspective.

Continue to work on two upcoming books, Taking a Stand for the Bible (with John Ankerberg, winter 2009) and a book and DVD documentary on Bible prophecy with John Ankerberg and Jimmy DeYoung (coming summer 2009).

Extreme Exploits
, a book inspiring students to live with passion for Christ in this generation, has a draft of the cover available and is coming next March from B&H Publishing. I’m thrilled to see my friend and president of Tennessee Temple University Dr. Danny Lovett get some of his dynamic communicating into print with these guys!

The Faith of HEROES, a book exploring the spirituality behind the super abilities in the NBC hit series, is slated for an August 2009 release with Harvest House. I can’t wait to tell you more about this one, but just know it’s coming. Heroes fans, unite!

Monday I interview live at 8am EST on Atlanta’s FamilyNet TV network regarding other religions and their impact in our world today.

I always love to hear how you’re doing too, so please send me an email when you can. Thanks for the prayers and support!


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